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A Law Practice With A Strong Business Focus

I am Richard A. Kaplan, Esq. of Counsel at Anderson & Karrenberg, bringing years of experience to every new case that I take on. I have built my legal career as a well-prepared, formidable litigator with a Harvard MBA background that enhances the approaches I take. My awareness of the strategic big picture informs the way I formulate ideas and plans to meet my clients’ needs.

Litigation often focuses on the fine details – the friction points – viewed through the prism of the law. As a lawyer who previously worked in a Fortune 500 business and has owned small businesses, I fully understand the business viewpoint as well as relevant legal perspectives. I listen intently to business owners and decision-makers and work constructively with big business in-house counsel in support of my clients’ best interests.

Getting Acquainted

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Richard A. Kaplan

I craft analysis in a forward direction with both business and legal dimensions. I synthesize these perspectives in determined pursuit of the best results for my clients, tailored to their business goals and unique concerns.

Learn about some strong areas of focus of my law practice through this website or about a particular area of need by meeting with me at your convenience. We can connect by phone, in a web conference or in person at a mutually agreeable location.

I Focus On Effectively And Efficiently Solving Problems

I am above all a problem solver. While solutions such as negotiations, arbitration and mediation play a part in many of my clients’ cases, I begin every case with the assumption that I may at some point present my clients’ positions in trial. I have efficiently resolved disputes valued at less than $100,000 and have substantial experience in effectively resolving complex issues with multi-million dollar issues on the line.

I am known as a hands-on lawyer who truly understands both people and businesses. Drawing on resources that are available to my clients through this firm made up of a highly collaborative legal team of litigators, I work to resolve disputes affecting a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes.

It’s About You And Your Legal Matter

To arrange for a consultation to talk over your legal concerns with me, attorney Richard A. Kaplan, call 801-877-4991 or send me a brief message.