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Resolving Conflicts Through Arbitration And Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

When business law clients need to resolve conflicts in the least damaging ways, they often look at arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a formula to avoid a trial. This is often an intelligent goal since trials carry with them many unknowns and a great risk of losing more than one gains by taking a dispute before a judge.

Arbitration and mediation, on the other hand, keep the focus on the parties engaged in a dispute. While it may be overoptimistic to hope for a win-win resolution to a business or commercial dispute, a resolution that minimizes losses in the process for both sides is often a worthwhile goal. Furthermore, some business contracts include mandatory arbitration clauses. Likewise, some judges require mediation before hearing cases in a courtroom.

Why Choose Arbitration Or Mediation?

You may be considering ADR for one or more of the reasons discussed above or you may be a business law attorney in need of an arbitrator or mediator for your clients’ disputes. I am Richard A. Kaplan, Esq. of Counsel at Anderson & Karrenberg, and I am well-equipped to meet such needs. I am a trained arbitrator as well as an attorney who often represents my clients in arbitration venues.

Many satisfied clients have affirmed my strengths that disputants and/or their attorneys often look for in an arbitrator. Whatever the business matter or other legal issue is at hand, I know the law in depth. I am well-acquainted with the friction points that can make conflicts difficult to resolve. My experience in the courtroom is valuable for my readiness as an arbitrator. My approach involves listening carefully to all arguments and examining the facts to ensure fairness for both sides.

Determine The Best Route To Conclusion Of A Conflict

As a skilled, accomplished trial lawyer, I am always ready to take up a business dispute before a judge and jury. However, this direction may not be the route to a satisfactory resolution of your legal conflicts. I direct my clients to arbitration as needed. I am Richard A. Kaplan, Esq. of Counsel at Anderson & Karrenberg, available to guide you to a successful end to a dispute that threatens your business’s viability. I can advise you through litigation or mediation or I can skillfully serve as your case arbitrator or mediator. I welcome attorney referrals.

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