Experienced Business Law And Dispute Resolution Representation

Organizing Legal Aspects Of Businesses With An Eye On Success

To a lawyer, a business is a legal entity. To a businessman or businesswoman, the law may be seen as a necessary evil or a roadmap to avoiding lawsuits and regulatory compliance challenges. I am Richard A. Kaplan, Esq. of Counsel at Anderson & Karrenberg, an experienced, highly respected litigator with equally strong business and legal backgrounds and focus. I offer my business law clients rare insights in both dimensions that can prove pivotal to meeting their goals.

Business formation, business reorganization, mergers, acquisitions and business dissolutions are all examples of legal areas in which I counsel and represent my business clients. My knowledge base in all business law matters is uncommonly broad. My advice and guidance are designed to help my clients avoid litigation whenever possible while staying poised to win when conflicts arise.

Prevent Or Prevail

More often, I venture into the realm of business organization from a risk management vantage point. I assess business operations and management practices to determine how my clients can prevent and navigate conflicts with other businesses, with government entities and with customers. I provide guidance for business owners, decision makers and in-house counsel through assessing vulnerable areas of civil litigation risk for their businesses.

Naturally, both my clients and I hope they never become embroiled in controversies or disputes. In the real world, however, disputes do come about from time to time. I come on board at any stage in a dispute with the determination and the necessary tools to help my clients avoid or mitigate risk and losses in the face of conflicts. The assessments that I conduct may involve discovering and facing exposure to damages head-on when a dispute is ripe to be filed or has already been filed as a lawsuit. Regardless of the issues and scope of a conflict, I am in the fight to win for my clients.

Turn To A Professional You Can Trust

I am business law attorney and trial lawyer Richard A. Kaplan, offering businesses the best of both worlds: reliable counsel and representation delivered with proven business savvy. To schedule a case review, call 801-877-4991 or complete a brief online inquiry form.